Connecting Clever

Economies, whether city, regional or national, are complex ecosystems comprising of many different sorts of linked activities. Since universities were first created to provide educated minds to be the intellectual horsepower for sustaining our society, it should not come as a surprise that many of the businesses that we have grown are in some way related to the academic departments that are the units that underpin university activity. Some of the mappings are quite straightforward; for example if you happen to have a business problem that requires understanding the complexities of the universe(!) then probably a good starting point might be to call the local physics department. If, however, you have a problem that might require a combination of activities, technical, supply chain and policy, then trawling through the web pages of a university might not be the most productive way to fine a solution.

There is no off-the-shelf model that can bring together groups of university researchers with the world of business and this is where GreyDot™ can offer assistance. Having worked in the higher education world for 45 years from a student through to a Deputy Vice Chancellor, I have been able to amass a detailed knowledge of how things work and a network that I am keen to leverage to the advantage of business, large and small, charities, public organisations, national and international cultural institutions, in fact any agency that requires some specific information that could possibly reside in a university, somewhere.

I will be more than happy to discuss specific issues, from technical solutions to policy questions, and broker meetings with academics who might be able to assist in providing solutions.