GreyDot is a leading consultancy dedicated to creating strategic relationships between the commercial world and higher education. While the world of academia may look perfectly transparent from an internal perspective, viewed externally, people’s perception is that it is an impenetrable labyrinth of ill-defined services.

Connecting the dots

Stephen Holloway has over 45 years of uninterrupted service within international universities and research institutes and we can help your business connect to exceptional talent and knowledge. Universities and businesses alike are starting to appreciate that there is huge potential to ignite lucrative, innovative commercial partnerships, however, few have the necessary strategies in place to seize the opportunities.

How GreyDot can help

Firstly, we’ll take time to listen and gain a thorough understanding of your particular requirements. We’ll access our international network of academic institutions and colleagues, to connect you with talent and strategically plan how to nurture and develop a thriving collaborative partnership. The requirements can be both technical and non-technical, the crucial ingredient is to connect clever.

About Professor Stephen Holloway – CEO